Sports broadcasting or sports analysis service is a service in which a person provides analysis, comment, or reporting on sports events or sports trends. This service has become a popular pastime among many sports enthusiasts who enjoy following their favorite teams, players, and sports competitions. These people are now turning to the Internet for help, since there are many companies offering this kind of service. One of these companies is NBC Sports Digital, which offers a variety of options such as live streaming of games on their website, being able to listen to radio shows, and being able to record and publish special reports for other uses.

For individuals who would like to pursue a career in sports broadcasting, it is important to know and understand how this kind of job works. The most basic entry-level position in sports broadcasting is the sports writer. Writers for a sports analysis and broadcasting service work for sports reporting agencies such as Sporting Goods Company (SPCS), which is run by the National Basketball Association (NBA) and published by the Worldwide Franchise Tennis Entertainment (WFTE). Writers are tasked to write articles about various sports and to submit them to various websites that specialize in providing coverage for sports teams, athletes, and even personalities. Aside from writing articles, these individuals are also tasked to produce sports broadcasts. Those who are employed in the sports broadcasting may be the play-by-play, studio host, or sideline reporter.

It is possible for someone to become employed in the sports broadcasting industry. If he or she has a passion for sports and he or she can use this passion to her advantage. Aside from writing and broadcasting reports, the individual should also have great interpersonal skills to do interviews, interact with guests, and promote business. However, those who really have the ability to become successful in sports analysis and broadcasting service are those who have a wide range of talents such as being a good sportscaster, being a fantastic analyst, being a great sportscaster, and knowing the importance of sports reporting. Although some may think it easy to get a job in this field, the competition is quite tough.